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Our Story 

Carbek was formed to help direct the future of the Carbon Sequestration industry into longer term projects that both heal the planted and achieve more permanent carbon storage solutions.  We were invigorated by the XPRIZE challenge to build a scalable solution for gigatons of carbon.

Wild Organic Shapes


Organic Carbon Capture

We believe that by harnessing and encouraging the carbon carbon power of plants we can capture more carbon at a lower cost then other means.


Biochar Plant

In order to create a more permanent carbon solution we capture substantial amounts of agricultural waste and sequester the organic carbon into biochar.

Industrial Engineer
Scientist in Greenhouse


Regenerative Agriculture 

Our biochar is used to improve soil health by adding organic carbon, increasing nutrient retention and deacidify soil conditions where needed.  Utilizing and monetizing the carbon in a more more perminate state.

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