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Scientific Advisory Board


Maika Mitchell

Scientific Advisor, Ph. D.

Dr. Mitchell is an esteemed professor specializing in molecular biology, bioinformatics, and biotechnology regulatory affairs. With a distinguished career as a lab scientist and technology leader spanning over 25 years, they have demonstrated exceptional expertise in overseeing strategic planning and successful implementation. Driven by a commitment to excellence, they possess a remarkable ability to leverage resources and leadership to deliver outstanding results. Their extensive experience includes overseeing clinical research laboratories across various sectors, including non-profit, for-profit, academia, and government. Furthermore, their demonstrated proficiency in implementing staffing training and professional development programs has consistently improved productivity and reduced costs.

Ozgur Yildirim

Scientific Advisor, Ph. D.

Driven by an unwavering passion for science since an early age, Dr. Yildirim has dedicated their entire growth and career trajectory to the pursuit of knowledge. With over 20 years of rich and diverse experience, they thrive at the intersection of science, engineering, and business, aiming to conceive and lead transdisciplinary research and development initiatives that have a meaningful impact. Their profound commitment to creating innovative technologies and products to contribute to a better world is evident in their work across various domains, including medical, energy, biotech, sustainability, and agtech. Dr. Yildirim possesses a unique ability to bridge the physical and life sciences, applying a systems thinking approach to drive innovation in deep science and deep tech applications. In addition to their professional endeavors, they actively serve as a mentor and advisor to numerous early-stage startups, including those in academia, demonstrating their dedication to nurturing and supporting emerging talents.


Michael Deleon

Scientific Advisor, Ph. D.

As the Program Manager at Edmond Scientific Company overseeing the US Army's Scientific Services Program (SSP), Dr. Deleon plays a pivotal role in the administration and management of this esteemed initiative. Established in 1957 by the Army Research Office (ARO), the SSP provides a rapid and efficient means for the Army, DoD, OSD, and other federal government agencies to access the scientific and technical analytical services of experts from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Deleon ensures the seamless coordination of scientists, engineers, and analysts from small and large businesses, colleges and universities, independent academics, and self-employed individuals, enabling the acquisition of critical scientific and technical support. The SSP encompasses a wide range of science and technical areas, including Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, Material Sciences, Physics, Medical & Health Sciences, Electronics & Computer Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematics, Network Sciences, Modeling & Simulation, Psychology, Social Science, and Operations Research. Through their leadership, Dr. Deleon facilitates the successful execution of tasks across these domains, enabling the Army and various government agencies to benefit from the expertise and insights of top-notch professionals in their respective fields.

Daniel Burlingame

Scientific Advisor

With a strong background in Chemical Engineering and extensive experience in semiconductor manufacturing, Mr. Burlingame brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their current role. As a leader overseeing a large internal factory, Mr. Burlingame is responsible for managing and optimizing operations to ensure efficient and high-quality production. Leading a team of nearly 650 individuals, Mr. Burlingame effectively harnesses their skills and expertise to drive productivity and achieve organizational goals. With their technical acumen and strategic mindset, Mr. Burlingame plays a vital role in advancing the success and growth of the company in the semiconductor industry.

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Nevin Smalls

Scientific Advisor

Nevin is Carbek's Chief Technology Officer, before Carbek he was an employee of Axiom Space, in which he served as a research scientist and subject matter expert in the realm of life support systems. Nevin holds a Master of Engineering from Iowa State University and has been a part of the CO2 community in many ways. These include but are not limited to CO2 capture in deep space missions for NASA’s Gateway program and International Space Station, CO2 capture research for submarines, CO2 sequestration, and CO2 capture and conversion into useful products. Nevin’s expertise in designing these systems in extreme environments and terrestrial applications will serve as an aid to Carbek’s future and progression. Nevin brings expertise in relation to chemistry, combustion, and pyrolysis in relation to biochar. Nevin believes both the space economy and terrestrial needs to reduce CO2 emissions will come together in the near future.

The team at Carbek brings a wide range of skills and expertise to drive the company's success.

We have assembled a team of esteemed advisors who provide guidance and insights on various aspects of our business, including scientific research, technology development, and market trends.

Carbek is proud to collaborate with renowned experts and organizations in the fields of agriculture, sustainability, and carbon sequestration.

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