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Our Projects

At Carbek, our goal is to help organizations achieve their environmental and sustainability goals. We have partnered with Mosaic and the University of Florida to create a industrial scale biochar plant for various applications, and also research how biochar can revitalize soil. Our team of experienced engineers and researchers are dedicated to helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals through the use of innovative technologies and regenerative practices. By working with us, organizations can take responsibility for their emissions, promote the development of clean energy, and enhance their reputation as a sustainable organization.

Image by Matthias Heyde

Organic Carbon Capture

Biochar, a carbon-rich porous material, helps capture carbon through improving soil's carbon storage capacity.

Biochar Plant 

In partnership with Mosaic and the University of Florida, Carbek is researching scaling biochar plant operations to industrial scale.  To generate biochar for various uses such as soil amendment, fuel, water and air purification.

Checking the Crops

Regenerative Agriculture 

Partnered with Mosaic and University of Florida, Carbek optimizes growing methods to improve soil health, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

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