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Research Partners

Who We Are

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The University of Florida

Zachary Brym, PhD

Professor of Agroecology

Dr. Brym is instrumental to developing a comprehensive R&D study helping Carbek find optimal solutions to repair soil conditions & capture carbon through regenerative agriculture 

Worker with Ladder

Defense Engineering Services (DES)

Tech Lead

Defense Engineering Services (DES) is a high value engineering & manufacturing services firm for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, DES provides technical & manufacturing services for the US Government & companies across the country. Our diverse team delivers technical solutions, test services, prototype fabrication, and low-rate manufacturing for projects large & small.


As the DOD elevates climate change as a national security priority, DES is proud to partner with Carbek on their Biochar project. The Biochar project aims to capture carbon through the reuse and repurposing of agricultural bio-waste. This project aligns with DES values of innovating and designing solutions that address our global challenges with respect to climate change and carbon capture. DES is delighted to play a role in protecting our environment for the DoD and our children’s future

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