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Carbon Negative Conference 3.0 2023

Updated: May 25, 2023

Credit Suisse Panel, Credit Suisse carbon negative Conference 3.0, Ryan Shore, Carbek
On right, Ryan Shore CEO of Carbek Inc poses question to Credit Suisse Panel

Carbek attended the Credit Suisse Carbon negative conference, meeting with Microsoft, Frontier, Occidental, and Blackstone. These groups alone represent 3 billion in revenue opportunity and over 100 billion in available financing.

From Left to Right, Angelica Nikolausson Credit Suisse, Rafael Broze Microsoft, Nan Ransohoff Climate Frontier

In attendance were 60 other XPRIZE contestants, with a wide variety of technologies and solutions. This was Carbek's first opportunity to meet face to face with the XPRIZE staff and judges.

Panels were divided into the categories of land, air, ocean, and rocks. All solutions represent different challenges and benefits. However, as Carbek fits into the land category, naturally we were happy to hear when Rafael Broze from Microsoft said, "the land category is which I'm maybe the most exceptionally excited about because I think balancing how we use biomass in a long term net zero future is absolutely table stakes and figuring out in the next few years how carbon removal fits into that balance and biomass use is going to be a really exciting space." At Carbek we passionately believe that our land based solution of regenerative agriculture to biochar creates one of the most scalable carbon solutions.
Left, Ryan Shore CEO of Carbek Inc, Right, David Crane, Director of Office of Clean Energy, United States

Keynote speaker David Crane, currently the Director of Clean Energy for the US made it clear that his department will continue to distribute 7 billion in grants to carbon solutions over the next year. This represents an unprecedented opportunity for the Carbon Solutions industry. As CEO of NRG Energy the U.S.’s largest independent power producer in 2014, David pushed for much earlier adoption of carbon solutions and footprint reductions than other leaders. By following his passion for clean energy, he risked his career and ultimately paid the price. David is a trailblazer and we wish him luck on his nomination to Under Secretary of Energy.

We had a great time and would like to thank our new friends at Credit Suisse for the invitation. Looking forward to Carbon Negative 4.0

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